The Grill Inn is located just outside the gates of Drayton Manor Theme Park. Open to park visitors and non-visitors, the restaurant serves a delicious selection of prime steaks, tempting burgers and mouth-watering dishes from our stove.

We at the Grill Inn pride ourselves on the quality, sustainability and locality of the produce that we use in our family friendly restaurant. Our steaks come from the nearby 19 Gales Farm House Foods, which supplies us with home reared premium beef.

Meanwhile, all fish is sourced from UK fishermen, who use sustainable methods and hold Marine Stewardship Council certificates.


Opening Hours

March -          OPEN weekends,  (Including 28th - 31st of March)

                         DINNER ONLY - 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 27th. (5pm - 9pm)

                         CLOSED FOR DINNER - 15th, 18th, 25th

April               Open everyday 12 - 9pm. (Apart from 28th April)

May                  Open everyday 12 -  9pm.

June                Open everyday 12 - 9pm.

July                Open everyday 12 - 9pm.

August           Open everyday 12 - 9pm. 

September   Open every Mon - Sat 12 - 9pm.     
                          Open every Sun  - 12-6pm

                          (10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th CLOSED)

October        Open everyday 12 - 9pm. 

                          (7th, 14th LUNCH ONLY)  (1st, 2nd 8th, 9th CLOSED)

November   Open 12 - 9pm (1st - 4th), (17th,18th), (23rd - 25th, 30th).

                          CLOSED  - (5th - 11th) (19th- 21st) (27th, 28th).

                          LUNCH ONLY - On the 26th.      (12 - 6pm)

                          DINNER ONLY - 16th, 22nd and 29th     (5pm - 9pm)


From 10th September 
Please be aware that we will not be accepting bookings for our Fireworks Spectacular weekend (2nd -4th November).



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